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Industrial Gears

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Rack Pinions Gear

Price: 1000 INR/Set

A rack and pinion is a type of linear actuator that comprises a circular gear engaging a linear gear, which operate to translate rotational motion into linear motion. Driving the pinion into rotation causes the rack to be driven linearly. Driving the rack linearly will cause the pinion to be driven into a rotation.

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Worm Gear And Shaft

Price: 1000 INR/Set

A worm drive is a gear arrangement in which a worm meshes with a worm gear. The two elements are also called the worm screw and worm wheel. The terminology is often confused by imprecise use of the term worm gear to refer to the worm, the worm gear, or the worm drive as a unit.

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Spiral Bevel Gear

Price: 100 INR/Piece

Bevel gears are gears where the axes of the two shafts intersect and the tooth-bearing faces of the gears themselves are conically shaped