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Gear and Gear Spares
The Gear and Gear Spares are efficient as well as simple to assemble. Their teeth are simple to align. These have minimal power loss due to the occurrence of slippage. They can be used at high speed and must be in a parallel position. These are not as strong as other gear wheel. 
Sprocket Chain Wheel
Sprocket Chain Wheels are useful for the power transmission as well as conveyor systems. They are highly reliable and efficient. They are apt for the applications with limited torque loads and shock. They have a mechanical advantage and enable a smooth chain engagement as well as release.
Fenner Belt
The Fenner Belts are the light duty belts, suited for high ratio or small pulley drives. It has a specially treated jacket that can provide superior anti-static, oil-resistant and heat resistant properties. These are known well for their industry specific design. 
Metal Chain
The Metal Chains are offered with a series of metal links, which are joined together to make a flexible connector for assorted purposes, such as hoisting, hauling, holding, pulling, transmitting and conveying the power. Power transmission is one of the main tasks of this metal chain. 
Roller Chain
Roller Chains supplied by us are utilized for safety and providing decoration to power transmission in heavy machines. These included a flexible series of interrelated rigid links or rings. They are made out of several metals. 

Worm Gearbox
The Worm gearbox has been made to bear the loads which can make high shock. These are accessible with low noise levels and ask for low maintenance. They can be utilized as the advanced brake systems. They are functional as the highly compact type of system that ensure high-ratio speed reduction.