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Industries We Serve

Due to the supreme quality, high performance and rust proof finishing, our goods such as Counter Shaft Sprocket, Worm Gear And Worm Shaft, Wire Rope Pulley, Industrial V Belt, etc. have huge demand in the national and international markets. Our products are widely used and demanded in below listed industries:
  • Steel Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Oil Industry
  • Rice Mill Industry
  • Centrifugal Blower Industry
  • Conveyor Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Elevator Industry
  • Crane Industry
  • Air Conditioner Industry, etc.

Customer Service

The services are executed with efficiency and perfection to offer the utmost benefits to clients spread across the globe. Through the medium of our services, we strive to attain maximum customer satisfaction. Owing to the quality support that we offer to clients, we have build strong business relations with them. 

Our Focus Areas 

Apart from maintaining highest standards of quality in the product line, there are several other areas on which we focuses and these include the following:

  • We confirm the usage of modern technology & practices 
  • We focus on maximizing cost effectiveness and profitability 
  • We develop and nurture human resources 
  • We cultivate strong relationships with our business partners 
  • We commit to work in an environmentally friendly manner 
Our Corporate Values

Since our inception, we have been operating on the ethical grounds of business and practicing following corporate values: 
  • Achieve maximum customer satisfaction
  • Superior standards of quality, efficiency, reliability and safety
  • Promoting use of modern technology and practices
  • Maximizing profitability and cost-effectiveness
  • Nurture & develop human resources
  • Cultivating mutually rewarding relationships with business partners
  • Committed towards community development & environmental protection.

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